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Pasadena's Historic Raymond Theatre faces final hour. "Angel" Buyer needed immediately to save historic landmark theater!

Pasadena, CA - May 10, 2006 - For 19-years Friends of the Raymond Theatre (FOTRT) has fought what may be the longest battle to preserve a historic theater In American history. However, unless a buyer steps forth immediately, this 85-year old theater will face irreversible interior and exterior demolition that will forever end hopes of restoring this regional landmark. Preservationists plead to the greater Los Angeles community for a buyer to save the theater in its final hour.

Friends of the Raymond Theatre and their 7,500 supporters worldwide have worked diligently to stop the Raymond Theatre from becoming a condominiums/retail center. They have stopped two prior development proposals, brought forth buyers, prepared detailed business plans for new operators, sued the city of Pasadena three times, and filed two stays in the Court of Appeals.

Despite these Herculean efforts, the theater remains in imminent danger. FOTRT has currently brought forth top operators and concert promoters to operate the theater and they have funds to support restoration.

However, the one missing piece is the $10 million needed to purchase the Raymond Theatre and its adjoining parking lot. Friends of the Raymond Theatre are sending a plea to the greater Los Angeles community to find a developer, celebrity, or an angel who can step in at the Raymond Theatre's final hour and rescue this historic landmark theatre from demolition.

The Raymond Theatre is the last remaining venue in the San Gabriel Valley able to present top entertainment. The vision is to preserve The Raymond Theatre as a concert/multi-use venue. The parking lot may be redeveloped to alternate uses.

Interested buyers should contact Gina Zamparelli, President of Friends of the Raymond Theatre at: Office: (818) 541-9522 or



We ask everyone who supports preservation of the Raymond Theatre to please send letters to the Mayor, City Council, media and Pasadena Heritage. Ask them to support preservation of Raymond Theatre.

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