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The vision for the Raymond Theatre is to see it utilized as a multi-use venue. The Raymond Theatre would provide concerts, plays, independent/classic film, television, movie and video location shoots, meeting and conference and special events.

As part of the General Plan, over the next five years, the City of Pasadena estimates there is a need to build three 99 to 300 capacity theatres to accommodate the needs of Pasadena's small performing arts groups. The City has stated there is also a need for a venue to serve the commercial sector of the live arts, which will be evaluated in the future. The Raymond Theatre is the last theatre in the San Gabriel area which can serve the needs of Pasadena's larger performing arts groups and the commercial sector. Currently non-profit and commercial promoters have left the city of Pasadena because there isn't a  suitable venue to present the live arts.

We believe the city should look towards the future and seek to retain the Raymond Theatre. Over it's 84-year  history The Raymond has been the only venue in the Pasadena area that has severed as a home for all types of events, from movies to rock concerts and has remained self-sustaining. The vision is to look to Pasadena's present and future needs and provide a much-needed multi-use venue for the City of Pasadena. At the same time, we will be preserving one of the City's most important cultural and historic landmarks.